• A] IAMON Always value and prioritize your privacy. Your ID, Password, Bank details are completely kept confidential to our IAMON team. The money paid by you on the name of IAMON is non refundable. You can't expect any sort of refund of your money in any condition.
  • B] Schemes are always subjected to market risks. Your payments are subjected to your consent and liability. IAMON doesn't force any of its users to make any payment or join any of its schemes. If in case any sort issue comes in future, IAMON will not be accountable for your payment. As IAMON believes on transparency. You can't vigorously claim IAMON for the offer benefits, As these offers are displayed by the company as per Market conditions and flexibility, Company is free to alter or modify any changes in its offers and scheme at any sort of time according to its profit and loss. So any changes in the Company's offers and policies can't be questioned by its users.
  • C] IAMON doesn't concede its users to file any Complaint against its policies in Indian penal court of our country. You can't file any case against IAMON and its policies in any state or district court of the country. All plans, policies and schemes of IAMON are run and taken ahead by the IAMON team at its own risk, Indian Government is neither accountable for any activity in it, nor for any upshot or consequences of it. You can't swindle or mislead anyone on the name of this plan for earning money. If found so, legal action will be taken by the IAMON team and All the money from your account which is earned from this plan will be withdrawn back by the company. Also the company Will demand defamation money from you legally in that case.
  • D] All the details of the plan are available on the company's platform. It's a request to all of you that please go through the details of the plan on the company's platform only. Don't believe in those people who are trying to mislead you by giving you false information. If you find someone giving false information, you can complain of that person to the company. But the company is not liable for any losses incurred from false information or misleadings.Any action taken by the company is its policy. You can't contact and harass the owner or his family for their actions. If it is found so, legal action will be taken.
  • E] The vouchers and scratch cards you have earned on the app can be used only on IAMON portal or on the companies associated with us. You can't use it to other third party platforms and portals.
  • F] For awareness about Latest updations in App and its Policies, Its mandatory that You should always be Updated with latest Version of The App. IAMON Legal team is Free and Independent to make any modification in our Payment Privacy Policy anytime. Users can't Bear upon IAMON about any modification or Change done in the Policy.
  • A) You can redeem your points on IAMON BAZAAR, an E - commerce portal (www.iamonbazaar.com). Your points could be redeemed on almost all the products at the extent of 5 - 25%. Points shall be minus after getting redeemed.
  • B) You can redeem your points anytime, until the IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is there in the market. IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is not liable for, in case you are not using your points. You can't convert your points to rupees, but only redeem the points.
    It is for the kind, clear and concise attention to you and your team that it is mandatory for you to use at least 10% of your total points on the E-commerce portal named IAMON BAZAAR before 31st March 2022. Otherwise all your points shall lose their value and your points wallet will become null, Also the discount running on the products will also be barred. Alongside the points button will also be removed after 31st March 2022.
  • C) IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED can modify or amend its rules and regulations anytime as per its condition in the market, this is company's policy. No one can uphold any sort of dispute in that case. Even No one can compel a company or it's members to modify or amend its rules and regulations. All the updates regarding the company shall be displayed on the company's website.
  • A) All membership users are requested to kindly pay attention to the information that if you have bought any product using the portal of IAMON E-COMMERCE ( www.iamonbazaar.com) before 31st March 2022 , No change will be applied to your points.
  • B) If any of the membership users have points ranging under 10000 and you have not bought any product before 31st march 2022, Then also no change will be applied to your points. IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PVT. LTD. is giving you one more precious chance to use your points again.
  • C) If any membership user has more than 10000 points and he has not bought any product on IAMON E-COMMERCE portal before 31st march 2021, then his points will be reduced to 10000 . Because even after having more points, you didn't take advantage of those.
  • D) From 1st April 2022 to 31st march 2023, If you won't actively use your 50% points together with Shareholder points and E-Commerce points on IAMONBAZAAR E-COMMERCE portal, then your membership ID will be permanently Barred. Afterwards you will not be able to avail any advantage of those points.
    This rule is going to be in motion from 1st April 2022, it doesn't matter whether you have made any purchase earlier on or not.
  • E) From 1st April 2022 to 31st march 2023, Out of all membership users, if more than 126 users would not obey the above rules, then company is authorised to use its special powers and go for the final decision Whether to continue with IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PVT. LTD. or to make changes in its policies or to keep stay on the company.
  • F) If anyone is found spreading false rumours regarding the First T&C* (Year 2020), Second T&C*(Year 2021), Third T&C* ( Year 2022) of IAMONMEDIA SERVICES PVT. LTD. or any of its members, Then He/She shall be liable to bear legal Actions under Company ACT.